On behalf of the Board, Staff & Volunteers of ReConnectRondo, Inc., we celebrate the opportunity to help advance the worthy cause and mission, as well as the intergenerational support that’s restoring the dignity and the legacy of a once thriving African-American community, full of vigor, hope, and life.

Now, after more than fifty years, the Rondo community is once again dreaming, planning and reimagining its own restoration and revitalization — economically, environmentally, and socially for the wrongs to be turned to right.

ReConnectRondo can truly leverage the potential of the Rondo Land Bridge and the numerous innovations, partnerships and policy changes in transportation, to see a sustainable and thriving community for us all!

Keith Baker – Managing Director
Laura Gaitan – Office & Finance Administrator
Veronica Burt, Project Consultant

Marvin Roger Anderson, Board Chair
Phillip Terrill
Nick Khaliq
Matt Hill
Noel Nix
Keith Allen
D’Angelos Svenkeson
Mary K. Boyd