What is a land bridge? A land bridge, also known as a “cap” or “lid” over a freeway, recreates the land at street grade that was removed for the construction of the freeway. The Rondo land bridge would cap Interstate-94 for several blocks between Lexington Parkway to Dale Stree. Rondo is one of three areas within Minneapolis-Saint Paul that is being considered for a cap, the other two being North Minneapolis near Farview Park (over I-94) and Cedar Riverside/Downtown Minneapolis (over 35-W). Freeway caps are becoming more common across the country; Minneapolis has already built one to reduce the impact of Highway 55 on Minnehaha Regional Park. Our neighbor to the North, Duluth, also has a land bridge connecting the downtown the lakefront.

The land bridge would be placed in the Rondo neighborhood — located in Summit-University neighborhood and proximate to Thomas-Dale, Union Park, and Hamline-Midway.

The photo below is a concept but not a specific projection of what the land bridge will look like and where it will take place. In order for this project to be successful its critical that the community drive those decisions.

  • Jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Achievement of economic development without gentrification

  • Preservation of historical legacy without homogenization or cultural displacement

  •  Finding solutions to housing needs and affordability

  •  Public health and quality of life

  •  Accessibility and multi-modality transportation infrastructure

  • Provides for the inclusion of educational cultural, artistic, and environmental concerns.

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