ReConnectRondo’s (RCR) mission is the realization of a Rondo Land Bridge (RLB) to reconnect communities proximate to I-94 in the Rondo neighborhood of Saint Paul. RCR is a community development organization established to maximize opportunities for business, economic, and social development. RCR’s goal is to persuasively shape policy for the RLB to create opportunities that uplift the public health, economic, housing and social conditions of the Rondo communities.

What is a land bridge? A land bridge, also known as a “cap” or “lid” over a freeway, recreates land at street grade that was removed for the construction of the Interstate 94 freeway.

In addition to comprehensive technical research and findings, inclusive community engagement is both a necessary precondition, as well as the ultimate measure, of the success of RCR. We aim to achieve connectedness and build trust through innovative public engagement strategies that will solidify a bond among the varied communities and the professional and public agencies that will be involved in this project.