Build a bridge
to vitality regained

Paving the way to prosperity

A community land bridge in Rondo is the catalyst for doing today what should have been done in the first place. It’s a powerful way to restore what was lost with the original I-94 construction, making up for the loss of over 700 homes and 300 businesses. It’s the catalyst for inspiring a vibrant African American cultural enterprise district.

What’s a land bridge?

A land bridge is a “cap” or a “lid” over a freeway, recreating land that was once lost. The Rondo land bridge would cap Interstate 94 for several blocks, between Chatsworth Street and Grotto Street.

Why does it matter so much?

A recent study conducted by the Urban Land Institute found that a land bridge in Rondo would be a great opportunity for African American leadership and ownership. They further concluded that this is not only a truly worthy investment, it’s the chance to realize a significant physical connection that enhances livability while also making up for long overdue social justice. This is more than a land bridge. This is the way to right past wrongs, reweave the community through shared history and create an equitable future we can all be proud of.

Land Bridge planning. Animation courtesy HGA.

Architectural rendering courtesy Design by Melo and Visuals by James. Click to enlarge.

Potential is great, tomorrow is promising

The Rondo Land Bridge Feasibility Study shows how this project will benefit the community in many significant and equitable ways.

New housing

468 - 576 housing units in Rondo

Growing community

1000+ new residents

New jobs

1,304 - 1,872 new permanent and construction related jobs

Retail & Office

87,750 - 108,000 square feet

Nonprofit & Institutional

29,250 - 36,000 square feet

Increased city revenue

approximately $3.8 million - $4.2 million annually

"An era when the Minnesota Highway Department built an interstate through the heart of the Rondo Community. We would never, we could never, build that kind of atrocity today."

Growing in popularity

Freeway caps are becoming more common across the country, including two that already exist in Minnesota: Minnehaha Regional Park and Duluth’s downtown lake front. These vibrant land bridges join a promising nationwide trend. Dallas saw the opening of a lush 5.2-acre public park over a downtown freeway in 2012. Atlanta is working on a ¾-mile platform that will ‘stitch’ downtown back together. 

Together, we will create an African American cultural enterprise district connected by a community land bridge.​

ReConnect Rondo Technical Advisory Team:

  • David Juliff, Be Civil, Inc.
  • Khani Sahebjam, SRF Consulting Group
  • John Maczko, SRF Consulting Group
  • Kent Arhenholtz, Kaskaskia Engineering Group
  • Brenda Thomas, KLJ, Inc
  • Marcus Thomas, Bolton & Menk
  • Scott McBride, Bolton & Menk
  • Marcell Walker, Bolton & Menk
  • Veronica Burt, 600 Strategies, Inc.
  • Björgvin Sævarsson, YORTH Group
  • Katie Eggers, YORTH Group
  • Jim Erkel, Retired Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA)
  • Brian Isaacson, Ramsey County
  • Diem Van Groth, Strategic Consultant